What's your preferred card size?

Friday, 4 April 2008
Edited: Just to say that this post will stay at the top until it closes so all new posts will be below.

Yay, I've been reunited with my laptop!!!

After reading a post on the Docrafts forum about card sizes, I was just wondering what card size you preferred working with. I have put vote survey on my sidebar with a few choices for you to choose from.

At the moment I'm using square cards of different sizes as well as A6 cards. However it would appear that a number of people on Docrafts are preferring A5 as you can include more detail, which makes sense to me, so I might have to give that a go over the Easter break.

Anyway, this is open until 4th April so I look forward to seeing what you all think!

I'll be back later to post a few new cards that I've made.


  1. Michelle said...:

    My favourite card size is square. Square of all sizes really! I still like A6 though and DL/slim DL. To be honest I don't like A5 that much unless it is a realy special card with a big image or focal point as I just don't have that much stuff to fill it all up. It will be interesting to hear other people's views though x

  1. HHMM i use A5 in half.... mainly because thats all the envelopes i have to fit in tere! i would LOVE to try more though! :D

  1. Andrea, said...:

    My favourite has to be 4" square, I use them so much

  1. I love square cards, I am totally obsessed with them and hardly ever use any other size. Hate A6, they are just too small and I do find a large A5 a bit daunting sometimes

  1. Vicki said...:

    Hi Sarah my fav is 5 inch square, although I do sometimes like a5 especially if using a large stamped image. I also saw that thread on do crafts, be intersting to see what others choose as their favs. xx vicki xx

  1. Rosie said...:

    Hunni, you sound much happier lately. Your cards are really cute and the butterfly will make that lady very happy! I use any size card I can get hold of!! I also recycle cards that I buy from my local scrapstore - at 10p for 10 cards that's great value and they're superb quality too!

  1. Julia said...:

    I tend to use square cards, I seem to be drawn to them! I also use A6and if I'm doing a very special card I'll use a 7 x 5 or 6 x 6.

  1. Laura said...:

    Hi Sarah
    i have given you an award, please see my blog for details.
    Oh and I prefer to work with square cards!
    x x x Laura x x x

  1. Julie said...:

    I nearly always make square cards, 10cm, 12.5cm and 14.5cm. I kind of have to force myself to use other sizes sometimes. To me A5 is just too big for the kinds of stamps and images I use.

  1. jami said...:

    I love working with 3x6 card size.

  1. Heather said...:

    I like A2 or A7... but when I get on a roll I like 4x4 squares!

  1. Sharon said...:

    I change my favorite size card from week to week. I do tend to go back to A6 regularly as it seems to be the best seller. If I do a commission it's nearly always on A5 but am going to try this size as a regular & see what happens. Sharon xx

  1. pickle said...:

    I go through fazes. but at the moment my favourite is any size square. I've just started making a couple of 8" squares.
    First time I've visited your blog and your creations are fab!!
    Kerry x

  1. Hi Sarah, I mainly do 6" x 6" cards but do also do A5 when I making a scene card. Nikki x

  1. Melissas said...:

    I love 4" square cards, but also traditional A2 size. I've tried some other sizes, and feel intimidated when there's too much surface to cover!
    Melissa (SBS12)

  1. Chatdoro said...:

    j'ai voté, carte carrée 15x15 cm, 6"x6" squared card.
    Bises chatdoro

  1. Sanna said...:

    My favorite card size is 13,5x13.5 cm. I also use A6.

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