Merry Christmas

Saturday, 22 December 2012
I've a feeling I might surprise a few people by the very fact that I'm posting as it's been two months since my last post (why does that sounds like the beginning of a confession?!).  I hope everyone is ready for Christmas.  I can't believe how quickly it has come round.

This next bit will surprise people even more.......I've made some cards!  It's been so long and it actually felt enjoyable again.  I'm not going to push myself with this but I am hopeful that this is the resurgence I've been longing for.

The card I'm going to show today is one I made for one of my very best friends little boy.  She welcomed Jonah in March of this year and he is such a sweetheart. I really wanted to make a card for his first Christmas. 

I'd already coloured the image when I embossed the background. Unfortunately it caused the card to warp slightly, but I hope it's still ok.  You can't see in this photo but I'd put stickles on all the snowflakes to make it sparkle, as well as some Glamour Dust on the fur trim and bobble of the hat.
If I'm correct, the image is little Baby Jack from the Humphrey's Corner range.  I'm ashamed to admit that this is the first time that I've inked him up and I must've had him a good 18 months.  I've got so many stamps like this.
Anyway, I hope you like the card.  I will be aiming to post the others over the next few days.
I hope you are all well. Thank you for stopping by and for any comments you may leave, they will be greatly appreciated, especially after such a long absence.