It's snowing!!!

Sunday, 6 April 2008
Yay!!!!!! I must sound like a big kid, but that's because it very rarely snows where I am! We live in the Thames Valley so for the snow clouds to reach us, they have to go up over the Chilterns, by which point they warm up and we might get a bit of sleet, but that's all.
But it's happened today!! It started off as a big hail storm at 6:20am, but when I looked out 30 mins later, it was white with HUGE snow flakes so I couldn't resist getting up and taking a few photos to show everyone. Jon must think I'm mad!!!!

Anyway, here they are.

The sky's starting to get a bit lighter now, so I wonder how long it will last.......
Edited: It's now 13:15pm and the majority of the snow has disappeared....:0( Oh well, it was fun whilst it lasted!


  1. NattyK said...:

    Great photo's. I woke up to a similar scene a few weeks ago, it did not last more than a couple of hours though which was a shame. x

  1. Stacey said...:

    I don't think you're mad at all as I was doing the same thing at 6:30 this morning! We never get snow in Southampton but this morning I did a double take when I looked out of the window! Like yours though, it's all gone now. ~x~

  1. Cathy said...:

    Great pics - we had a dusting in Lancashire - no where near as good as yours! I am a little dissapointed!

  1. Michelle said...:

    Hi Sarah, I hope you are having a lovely weekend. Great pics, it was snowing here this morning too. Very rarely happens here as well so I also took some piccies! It all meleted by about 1 also which is a shame cos it makes everythig look so pretty! xx

  1. Suzanne said...:

    I know how you feel we never see snow here either!!! so when we do it is a real novelty. Sue :o)

  1. Miss Moon said...:

    Ah that's so beautiful! I love snow but we only had a few flurries this winter, I wanna make a snowball :( Lol

    Liz x

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