Very Disappointing.

Sunday, 25 May 2008
I really wasn't looking forward to writing this post and have been putting it off since I got home last night.

The fair was very poorly attended and where we were situated was away from the main hall so at times we got forgotten about.

I sold just 2 cards. The lady on the stall next to me told me not to be disheartened as it was not to do with my cards as they're lovely. She used to own a craft/sweet shop and makes cards, but currently concentrates on selling old fashioned sweets (not good as I spent £8 on there!).

She was really good at giving Nikola and I advice on where to try and other ways to sell our cards. We are thinking about maybe trying some local fetes in future.

I went with the intention of it just being a learning curve and not to let it effect me if I didn't do very well, but it's hard when people just walk passed you without even looking at what you've got on display.

xx :0)


  1. NattyK said...:

    That is such a shame Sarah, but the lady is right, your cards are fab so do not let this get to you, chalk it up to experience and try again soon. Local fetes sound like a great idea. x

  1. Jules said...:

    Aww, sorry to hear it wasn't the huge success we all hope for. I have been to a fayre where I sold nothing, not one single card. That was extremely disheartening and I was devastated thinking my work wasn't good enough (I had "normal" cards and my egg-craft cards on display and sold neither) Hard not to take it as a personal reflection of your talent, but I'm glad to hear you realise it isn't.

    Jules xx

  1. Suzanne said...:

    oh Sarah I am so sorry it didn't go so well but please don't feel it is a reflection on your beautiful work. Sadly I am not sure non-crafters understand the work and love that go into producing our cards... but if like me you enjoy making them that is what matters. Hugs Sue :o)

  1. Michelle said...:

    Really sorry your craft fair wasn't as successful as you had hoped Sarah. please do not feel too dishartened, if was your first one and like you said if there were other stalls selling cards too and your weren't in a great spot then it was always going to be difficult. I for one think your cards are fab and hope you have another go soon, best wishes xx

  1. Jo said...:

    That woman is right....your cards are fab and you should just put it down to experience. Don't let it get you down and think, people wouldn't visit your blog if they didn't like your work!!

  1. Hi Sarah, I'm sorry to hear your craft fair wasn't as you had hoped. Your cards are all fab and are always very inspiring. Don't take it personally, poor attendance and being in a bad spot for selling are to blame. Better luck next time, don't let this put you off trying again. Maria x

  1. Hi Sarah, don't let it get you down, your cards are beautiful. Keep your chin up! Lots of love, Denise x

  1. Julia said...:

    Please don't feel too down Sarah. It isn't nice when you don't get the attendance you would think there would be and that you weren't placed in a good position, but don't think it was your cards that let you down - they are great. Hope you have a better experience at the next event you attend. x

  1. sarah, sorry to hear it didn't go very well for you. I've done a couple in the past and have found that it was the same for me, very hit and miss and there always seemed to be other card stalls. Remember your cards are brill and when you've done them for other people they've loved them.


  1. Kim said...:

    Hi Sarah,

    From what I have heard it really is part of the process. Sometimes you will sell loads and sometimes you won't. Don't take it to heart (it is hard not to) and don't be put off it is at least worth another go? Your cards are really good.

  1. Dawny P said...:

    Hi Sarah. Just found your blog and had to leave you a comment here chicken. There's always another day and new customers - that's what I always think. And you can't please them all, so dont even try lol xxx. I have come to realise over the years that a lot of people go to these fairs to bag themselves some bargains and aren't really bothered about the time and effort you have put in. I tried years ago to compromise but it never worked well. So you be true to yourself, believe in what you do and if people dont like what you do, it's their problem, not yours!!! You go girl, cos your stuff is lovely xxxxx PS have you tried e-bay or etsy? Might be worth a go xxxx

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