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Saturday, 17 May 2008
Thank you for all the good luck messages for my interview yesterday. I was more nervous waiting for that than I was on my wedding day!

I think it went okay. My mind went blank for the first question and I really don't know if what I said bared any relevance to the question!! It appears that my mate after me also suffered the same fate!! After that I think it picked up okay, but you can never tell for sure with these things. They hope to made their decision by the end of next week.

I had a great afternoon at the races after that, culminating in winning £50 on the final horse for a little £2.50 each way bet!! Between Jon and I we had 6 winners out of 7 races, both picking 3 a piece. Jon was so sweet, he gave me £100 at the start to bet with and I came out with £110 so I ended £10 up on the day, thanks to the final horse!

I was hoping to get back to some card making today, but we've been invited to some friends for a BBQ. I just hope it brightens up a bit more!

Fingers crossed I will be back with more tomorrow!

xx :0)


  1. Jules said...:

    Still keeping fingers crossed for you regarding the job interview. Well done for your betting win! :o)

  1. Jo said...:

    Fingers crossed for your promotion Sarah and well done at the Races...plenty of cash for stash! Thanks for your well wishes :)

  1. NattyK said...:

    So glad to hear you had a great day at the races. I will keep my fingers crossed about the interview for you. x

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