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Monday, 26 May 2008
Thank you to everyone who has left such kind messages and words of support after the disappointing fair on Saturday. They have certainly encouraged me not to give up and to try again.

Here's a selection of the last batch of cards I was making these on the last couple of days prior to Saturday.

These ones are the last of the male cards.

I started making two cards at a time using the same image but changing either the sentiment or colour used to help increase my supplies. I kept the styles fairly simple but I hope they still look eye catching.

xx :0)


  1. Really sorry the fair didn't go well - some people just don't understand a good thing when they see it! Your cards are beautiful, and eventually you will find the perfect place to sell them

  1. Suzanne said...:

    I can't believe you didn't sale these they are gorgeous they certainly missed out. Sue :o)

  1. Ila said...:

    These cards are all totally Beautiful!! every one of them!!!
    It was definetly the show you were in that was the problem ....not your fabulous cards. You may have been in too low quality of a craft show.
    My daughter sells her cards in a little gift shop....does very well.

  1. NattyK said...:

    These are all fab, cannot believe you did not sell them, I am sure you will soon. x

  1. Jo said...:

    I definitely think Ila is right....perhaps you should look for one of those gorgeous little gift shops, take some samples with you and bite the bullet! These cards are all totally gorgeous!

  1. Michelle said...:

    Great cards Sarah. great images on the first ones and great idea using the same supplies but changing the colours and sentiments - they are all really lovely :0) I have tagged you too, please see my blog for details if you would like to play along xx

  1. jami said...:

    very cute cards. Where do you buy your penny black stamps from?

  1. Andrea, said...:

    Fab cards, I love the images you have used for the men's cards and those gorgeous hedgehogs. Sorry to hear you didn't sell many cards. I had 2 craft demos over the weekend and they were very quiet I think most people were away

  1. Vicki said...:

    Absolutely gorgeous cards Sarah. Sorry to hear the craft fair didn't go too well, their loss. There's a little something on my blog for you. xx vicki xx

  1. Hi Sarah, beautiful cards as usual. Check out my blog, as you've been tagged!! Lots of love, Denise

  1. Diane.W. said...:

    Aww Sarah! I have done the same thing before & it hurts.Your cards are gorgeous & just take it as a one-off.
    Funny how friends & family buy them in handfulls!!! :o)x

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