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Saturday, 5 November 2011
I have to apologise for my lack of action in the past few months, not just in blogging and crafting myself but also in visiting everyone elses blogs to see what everyone has been up to.  I think a break has been doing me some good and I actually coloured some images last weekend, I just have to make them up into cards.

I've been thinking about making some changes to my craft room in the new year that will hopefully help me to utilise my space more efficiently.  Whilst in that mind set, it's got me thinking about my stamp collection and how to organise it so that I know what I have for each occasion.  There are so many that have yet to be used and it's such a waste. I've decided to try and catalogue them by brand and then subcategories into themes.  This could be tricky with some as they could fit a number of occasions!  I will be stamping them all up onto plain paper and putting into poly pockets and a folderToday I just started with getting my wood-mounted stamps out of the drawers.  The majority of them are Penny Black but there are some other brands there too. I decided to take some photos of them all for you!

The first photos is my stash of Penny Black stamps, wood mounted and clear sets.  I don't think it shows quite how many there are there!

 The second photo is of other brands of wood mounted stamps including Whipper Snapper, Elzybells and Me To You
 The third photo is of just some of my unmounted stamps.  The first basket as a large number of Humphrey and SWALK stamps as well as some Forever Friends and other brands.  The second basket is  mainly LOTV stamps.
 In the blue box are more LOTV stamps as well as some Wild Rose Studio, Fizzy Moon and Penny Johnson stamps.  The clear drawer has a really mix but a large number are Magnolia stamps. There are also some Greeting Farm stamps, the Stampasorus Elephants and more Forever Friends clear sets.
 This is my collection of Elzybells unmounted and clear stamps. There are 12 dvd cases full as well as a number of clear sheets.
 This is my collection of Popcorn Bear Stamps.  Surprisingly I don't have all the Christmas stamps!

Getting to the end of this post, I've just realised that I haven't photographed all my Forever Friends wood mounted stamps!! There must be between 20-30 of them too!!

What do you think of my idea of categorising them?  Do you think it's a good idea or is there a better way for me to go about it?  I look forward to hearing any ideas that you have.

Thanks for stopping by and for any comments you may leave, they are greatly appreciated.

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  1. Cazza said...:

    Hi Sarah!
    I think you need some more stamps lol!! :o)) I've been thinking about cataloguing my collection too so I'll be checking back to see what your followers suggest...
    Nice to hear from you hon, hope all is well in your neck of the woods?

  1. LJ's said...:

    I think is a great idea as you got sooooo many lol and it will be easer to find what you want. xx oh and i love the LOTV col wowo girl xxx nicky

  1. Squirrel x said...:

    Right then missus, first things first .... HUGE Squirrelly hugs, it is so good to see you back hun!
    Oh, and I see you only have a few stamps (cough cough) - I think you might be an addict, lol!
    I tried to sort my stamps too hun, it started well, but I am back to my normal chaos now - I have a pretty good idea of what stamps I have, the fun is in the hunt for them. How bad does that sound?
    Hugs Sxx

  1. Sarpreet said...:

    I love your idea into splitting them into brands, I have done pretty much the same, have all the same branded stuff together. However i am not categorising them further, as you say one stamp can fit into so many occasions and christmas stamps can be used in non christmas ways

  1. Jo said...:

    Hi Sarah, great minds think alike! - been trying to catalogue my stamps as well. I've divided them into brands and have been stamping them onto paper and then laminating them and storing in a ring binder. Trouble is, I then want to categorise them (especially the sentiments) so when I need an idea for a card, I can just flip through the file. At the moment don't really remember which stamps I actually have! Great to see you back xx

  1. Hi Sarah, nice to have you back sweetie!

    I have tried several different methods of categorising and my latest one that seems to be working reasonably well is as follows:

    I keep my stamp companies together and have 2 sub-categories of: Christmas and non-Christmas. So I have my LOTV Christmas stamps separate from my other LOTV stamps. Personally, keeping my stamp companies together has worked better than separate categories for things like masculine, girl, animals etc. with all the stamp companies mixed in together which ended up like a dog's breakfast and I found it hard to find anything in the end. I think it is more difficult too when you have unmounted and wood-mounted and a variety of sets with images + sentiments as I do. I don't think anything is perfect though so I will be very interested in what other commenters say.

    Best of luck Sarah :-)


  1. GoonerGirl said...:

    Wow i thought I had a lot of stamps but you beat me hands down lol. Great collection.. Chris xx

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