So Much Snow!!

Wednesday, 6 January 2010
In my 31 years, I don't recollect seeing snow like this!! I guessed we were in trouble last night when we had a good few inches in just over an hour and ithas hardly stopped snowing since! Nearly 24 hours now!

Jon and I made the trek into work as some of the trains were still running and we walked through 12 inches. My little legs didn't know what had hit them! My Dad told me that he had measured the depth of snow in his garden and it was at 16 inches (40cm!) Our office was only just open and the decision was taken at 10:30am to close the site as it just wasn't safe to be there. Only 7 people managed to make it in! We have to wait until the morning to see whether they decide to open again but I have my fingers crossed that they don't!

I thought I'd share with you some photos I took when I got home. It was still snowing when I took them but it doesn't show up.

The first photo is outside our front door. You normally don't get this vien as we have a large bush, but he has been flattened by the weight of the snow.

I can't believe that people are attempting to drive in these conditions. Most people we saw either abandoned their cars or were skidding and slidding all over the road. Do they not listen to the warnings??? They're putting so many people at risk. Sorry, rant over!
I hope everyone else is safe and warm.
xx :0)


  1. Anonymous said...:

    You got it gosh i gave in! I'm glad u and jon are safe. Please take care and happy crafting.

  1. Sarpreet said...:

    i am happy you are safe - are work place wont close! i think it should be a legal requirement

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

  1. coops said...:

    cor blimey, that is certainly a lot of snow.i hope you got another day off work.keep warm.luv coops.xx

  1. Stacey said...:

    What a nightmare! We've finally been given Monday off as a snow day! About time as I traipsed in all 3 days - boo hiss!

    Stay safe and sound my lovely ~♥~

  1. Squirrel x said...:

    Oh hun, you must have been a weeny babe the last time we had snow like this! Fab photos, made me go all goosebumpy at the thought of the cold. Thanks for your comment on the metal work moving - and I thought the doc had already scared me enough! From the other stuff she said it sounds as if I'll be getting regular x-rays for a while to come yet. Hope you are ok hun. Hugs, Squirrel xx

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