Wednesday, 10 June 2009
Haven't been able to get into my craft room today as I woke up this morning to pain in my upper back, like a minor spasm which has caused great discomfort moving my neck and left arm. Hopefully it will ease in a day or two and I will be able to get back in for some more work.

Thanks for all the lovely birthday messages you have been leaving, they are greatly appreciated.

xx :0)


  1. Littlebear said...:

    Oh no Sarah, I hope you are better soon.
    Clare x

  1. Nikola said...:

    Hi sorry to here your backs still bad, um if it's any help hot wheat bags with lavander help loads the gentle heat relaxs the mussel and takes off the pain. They come in bear shapes too! Take care now and dont come in tommorow if you bad.

  1. Debs said...:

    Hi Sarah
    So sorry to hear of your discomfort and pain. I do hope that it eases for you very soon. In the meantime - don't overdo things. I speak with the voice of experience as I have two slipped discs in the neck that can be a right pain sometimes, literally!!!
    Take care
    Debs xx

  1. Stacey said...:

    Oh no! That is not good! Hope it heals soon and that you are back crafting again ASAP! Take care chicken ~x~

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