Need your help.......homemade bath salts..!!

Thursday, 25 June 2009
I've come up with an idea about trying to make some homemade bath salts that I could sell for gifts using the latest Elzybells releases. However it's quite a minefield trying to search for recipes and what works. I was hoping that there might be someone out there who has made bath salts (and know that it doesn't do anything it shouldn't) that might be able to point me in the right direction!!

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

xx :0)


  1. Holly said...:

    Hi Sarah! Here is a great place that has a lot of different things you can make and one of them is bath salts. I have made the peppermint bath salts as a gift before and they are wonderful.

  1. steph said...:

    Ooo I will have to check this out - I cheated and brought mine last time!! I got the lavender ones from tesco with bits of lavender in them!! x

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