Saturday, 20 September 2008
I've been painting the ceiling and coving in our hall today (not my craft room :0( ) and don't I know it!! I did two coats on each, spending a lot of time up a ladder and my back is now telling me what it thought of it!

I'm only 30 but my body feels about twice that at the moment! I've just had a nice soak in the bath and now plan on doing absolutely nothing the rest of the evening.

We've been meaning to decorate the hall for a while, but decided to put it on hold until the boiler had been fitted, for fear of the paint work being scratched.

I can't start on my craft room until this project has been completed, so that's my incentive to get it done!

I think I may have got my measurement's out a bit for the spare room, but I'm adamant that there will be a desk in there, even if it means getting rid of something else!

Thanks to everyone for the lovely comments that have been left recently, especially with my lack of blogging over the past few months. I do really appreciate everyone that takes the time to stop by for a little peak. I hope to have some cards to show really soon.

xx :0)


  1. Natalie said...:

    Sounds like a busy day, I hope you get to start on your craft room soon, cannot wait to see it finished. x

  1. You will soon have the hall finished and your craft room done. You are still so young, wait till you get my age, I am looking forward to seeing your cards. Hugs Linda x

  1. Hi Sarah, hope your aches and pains are all gone now. I've got something on my blog for you! Lots of love, Denise x

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