Wednesday, 17 September 2008
Sorry it's been a little while since my last post (I feel like I'm at confession!).

Since then Jon and I have celebrated our 1st wedding anniversary. My in-laws surprised us with a little mini-break in Dublin which was lovely in spite of the weather. It was just nice to take a break away from everything that has been happening here the past few months. It was a bit of a double celebration as Jon had just found out that he had got promotion, which he thoroughly deserved.

Yesterday I went up to London with my dad for his pre-op check-up. He is due to have a double heart bypass on Saturday 4th October. As my mum is still poorly, I have been doing the hospital visits with him. It was certainly very eye-opening, especially the visit to the Cardiac Care Unit. There was a patient on the ward that had just come out of surgery, to see what my dad will be like was a little bit daunting. I have been advised that there will be no point seeing him the day of the op as he will be very groggy, however, I have asked that I can go and see him on the Sunday so I can sit with him and let him know that I am there whenever he wakes. He did this for me after every op I've had (which has been a few).

We are currently having a lot of work done to our flat at the moment and I have asked Jon if I can redecorate the spare room and make it more of a crafting room for me, than it is at the moment. I currently sit on an ottoman box and work on the window sill, but I'm going to rearrange the furniture and have a little desk in there for me to work on. I can't wait to start!!!

Anyway, that's enough for now, there's loads of drilling going on! I hope to post again later on.

Thanks for listening!

xx :0)


  1. Nikki said...:

    Great to hear you sounding a bit brighter Sarah...good luck in persuading hubby on your craft room!
    Good luck to your Dad for his op.

  1. jami said...:

    Happy 1 year!
    Sorry to hear your mother isn't doing well:(

  1. Natalie said...:

    What a lovely surprise, a trip to Dublin, it's a great place for a short break. Congrats to your husband on his promotion.

    I hope your dad's operation goes well and he is back home soon.

    Natalie x

  1. Natalie said...:

    Hi Sarah

    Thanks for your lovely comments. I used Pro Markers to colour in the FF bears. I used Blush and Dusky Pink.

    Natalie x

  1. Shelly said...:

    Hi Sarah! This is the first time I've been on your blog, I found it through another blog. I've just read your posts from earlier this year, you've really had a hard time it seems. You're so brave talking about all the troubles you've had, I just hope things get better for you soon. I'll pop back soon, hope to see you crafting again soon in your new craftroom. Shelly xx

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