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Tuesday, 2 April 2013
I hope everyone has had a lovely Easter break and, for those of you back at work today, I hope it hasn't been too bad.  Jon and I both took today off so have had a little exrtra break.  We were meant to start decorating our lounge, but I've had a nasty cold and haven't felt up to it.  However, I did feel up to finally putting up the furniture I bought for my craft room last year!  It gave me the incentive to get it all tidy!

I hope you don't mind, but I thought I'd share some photos with you.  It's not as glam as a lot of those out there, but it's mine nad I love it.

My very clean desk and one of my new bookcases that also houses my cook books.  The paint pot and dust sheets are for decorating the lounge.  I also have my little tv and dvd player in here now for company (and sometimes distraction!)

 My sofa bed with some of my Pooh Bear collection. Also shows my two drawer units.
 My other new bookcase.  I saw this on Michelle's blog and just had to get it.  I'm glad I did as they don't sell it anymore.  On the top are my flowers, the bottom two shelves contain cardstock and papers, as well as my little box of beading stash.  The drawer has been filled with some card blanks, cello bags and other bits and pieces.  On the top shelf are some craft cd's.  Jon looked at the empty shelf and said "Is that ready for new goodies?"  Hmmmmm.......!
 This is a close up of the first book case with my cook books. On the second shelf are some cd cases with my Elzybell stamps. The other boxes are full of stamps. The bottom shelf has some knitting and crocheting books and the folders where I had started to organise my stamps.

Close up of the drawer units. The one nearest the sofa is chocful of stamps (what a surprise!) The second unit has some stamps in the top drawer, ribbons in two drawers, some gems and sentiment ovals and the bottom two drawers has a mixture of ink pads, punches, and other bits and pieces.
I have got some cards to show you too, so I think I will save them for later on in the week.  Apologies for having been quiet the past week.  I've had a bit of an upset from someone I thought was very special and it has rocked me a bit, but I'm starting to feel strong again.
I hope to do some blog hopping later on and see what I've been missing.
Thank you for stoping by.
Sarah xx


  1. Lisa said...:

    Oh your craft room looks FAB Sarah! So glad you have finally got round to putting up your new furniture.

    Sorry to hear you've had an upset ... but glad you are feeling stronger now.


    Lisa x

  1. Hi Sarah, what a lovely, neat crafting place. I love looking at other crafter's spaces. You know that most of the fancy ones you see in magazines aren't like that in real life - they are just set up for the camera. In reality, most of just have a corner of a room and I think it's nearly impossible (well, for me anyway) to be 'neat' when you make cards.

    Hmmm, I think you need to get some more supplies to fill that empty shelf - it doesn't like right all bare ;-)

    Love your Pooh bear collection - I love Winnie the Pooh.

    So sorry that you have been hurt - I am struggling with that at the moment with someone. It's so difficult when that happens as you can never quite get back to where the 'friendship' was before - it changes things. Sending you some [[hugs}} and lots of caring thoughts.

    Jocelyn X

  1. Ann-Marie said...:

    Fab craft room and storage, love being nosey. Looks like a great place to be creative in. Take care, Ann-Marie xxx

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