Is it possible to forget how to craftt.

Saturday, 21 April 2012
Afternoon everyone, I hope you're enjoying your Saturday.

Having started back at work this week, I wanted to enjoy my weekend by trying to do some crafting but nothing seems to be going right.  I feel like I've forgotten how to colour and to make a card.  Is that possible having taken a break the last 2 and a bit months?

I'm feeling very stressed as I've got lots of bits to use as well as working on my sisters wedding favours, place cards and table plan.


  1. Squirrel x said...:

    One gentle step at a time sweetie! Your brain is probably fried from a week at work and is now refusing to be creative. Give it time, it'll all come back, I promise. Big hugs, Sxx

  1. Hi Sarah,
    It can be really frustrating when you want to make something but haven't a clue where to start! I always find looking through magazines or finding a challenge to play along with or having a mooch through my stash usually kick starts my mojo.
    Hope you're well? :) xx

  1. Catherine said...:

    Hope you feel better soon...

  1. Karen said...:

    Honey I got like that when I missed a couple of months at the back end of last year - just print off or stamp a few images you love/adore... sit and relax and don't worry or think about it too much...
    Waste the first couple - tell yourself it doesn't matter... and it will come to you.

    Oh and go blog hopping - it's amazing how that can help too..
    It's what I did sweetie..
    Good luck, I'm sending you hugs (and some mojo too.)

  1. coldwaters2 said...:

    Hi Sarah you are not alone, I think a lot of crafters go through this phase | know I do, I very often just look and look at my craft stuff and my mind is a total blank but not to worry you will find that it will all come back just remember that crafting is fun and not meant to be stressful
    Lorraine x

  1. rosie said...:

    I lose my mojo all the time!!
    best advice I was given was to just browse through other peoples galleries and blogs and see if anything jumps out at you - maybe style, colour, papers etc.
    something that could be used for what you need to make.
    good luck and if you need any help just get in touch via my blog x

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