A Plea for Help!

Thursday, 3 March 2011
Sorry I've not been around the past little while.  My little furry boy Bozzy hasn't been that well.  At 20 years of age we took no chances and got him to the vets.  They think he might have got a bug (despite not going out) which upset his tummy.  This has meant that he has wanted lots of cuddles from his mummy all the time which has had a knock on effect with my blog hopping and crafting.

My plea for help is for ideas for a mother's day card I've been asked to make.  It's for a new mum from the baby.  The baby itself is due at the end of the month, just before Mother's Day but my colleague has asked for a card in the hope that it's not late!   I'm not really too sure what I should do for the card as I'm usually cutesy but I don't know if I have any images that would be classed as suitable.

If anyone has any suggestions, they would be really appreciated!



  1. Lizzy xx said...:

    Oooooh this is a hard one hun :/ only thing I could come up with is if you could get hold of a scan photo perhaps??? layer it up then add to c/s suitable for either sex then add a few words ..ie 'To my Mummy' ...if the baby arrives on time you could still do the above but try to add a real photo ... hth if only a bit?

    xx Lizzy xx :)

  1. Anonymous said...:

    How about using some photos from google of baby hands and feet then you don't need to worry about the sex of the baby.

  1. Roni said...:

    Hi there, Just thought I'd say love your blog and I think the idea of the photos of baby hands and feet sounds so sweet, especially the ones you can find in black and white!

    I wish I thought of that as I had to do the same last year but the wee one wasnt due until November and it was for a Father's Day card!

    His favourite colour was red and all I did was mounted deep red bazzil onto an A6 card and left a small white border around it. Printed off a white speech bubble which read 'Love ya dad!' cut it out and put foam pads on the back, I stuck it quite far down on the card and I put a small 'Father's Day' up in the top left.

    Very simple but he apparently loved it and mum-to-be had written on the inside lots of love your little chick!

    Hugs Roni :O) xox

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