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Thursday, 16 September 2010
Good evening all. Thank you for the lovely comments you left during my little break, they really do mean a lot.

Jon and I had a fabulous holiday, I never get tired of going back to Skiathos. When you've been somewhere before, it's nice just to be able to relax in the sun with a good book(s) and not worry that you're missing out on things. The guys at the place that we stay are the best and they made our wedding anniversary evening so special. When you have people like that, why go anywhere else? The downside of being back is that I'm now cold!!! I miss my sunny, hot days. I was so cold yesterday that I even did that awful thing of putting the heating on!! Brrr.

Before I went away I was asked my a lovely lady that Jon knows if I could make her a wedding card. She has only seen one of my cards before and loved it, even though I said it was probably the worst I'd made in ages (so bad I didn't dare photograph it for here!). At the moment when I'm asked for special cards, I instinctively reach for my bookatrix board and this time was no exception. With all the beautiful flowers that you can get from Wild Orchid Crafts it makes it so easy to whip up such an elegant card. I tend to stick with the same trusted layout with the flowers but this time I added one of the larger roses in the centre (sorry, don't know the size). I did go for a different colour combo this time, decided that I needed to get away from lilac. The finished article is below.

Pam wasn't around to receive the card before I went away so I have only heard today from my FIL what she thought of it. She loved it! Apparently when Jon next sees her, she has a list of people who would like cards from me having seen it at the wedding! Also, the landlord of our local has also said that if I wanted to leave some cards (business I think) saying what I do, he would happily have them on this bar!! I'm stunned! I don't know what to think or say! I really didn't think people would be that interested in what is just a hobby.

Can I ask you guys one question? What would you charge for a card like this? I make a corresponding box which is decorated as per some of my other cards I have posted. With the exception of one, they've all been made for friends or family occasions from me. The one that I did charge for, I asked £4.50 but my friend paid me £7. My FIL thinks I should be charging at least £6 for them. I really do struggle when it comes to asking for money and never want to put anyone off but then I know that I shouldn't undercharge either. Any advice would be really helpful.

Wow, that's a long post! Thanks for stopping by and for the comments you leave, they mean so much. Please remember to pop back on Sunday when I will be back in the saddle for the Just Cute Bears challenge

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  1. Boo said...:

    Hi Sarah, Ive just been looking through your blog and i think its fab!! I do think you should be charging at least £5-£6 for your cards because they are lovely.

    Rach x

    ps. i have a blog too

  1. WOW! This is stunning Sarah! Just so beautiful and elegant, love all those gorgeous roses.
    I really struggle with pricing my cards too, but I think £7 is a very fair price to pay! You only have to go and look in a shop and see what you would get for that price and there wouldn't be anything as gorgeous as this!

  1. MARY B said...:

    A really super card, When i make a bookatrix in a box i usually take £5, but I put in a layer of tissue to enclose it, yours looks better than mine so I think you could ask for £6 at the very least, Hope this is helpful. Mary x

  1. MARY B said...:
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  1. Anita said...:

    This is absolutely stunning. It's no wonder people are asking you to make these cards for them. I would have no idea what you should charge but don't cheat yourself. It's so beautiful.

  1. coops said...:

    hiya sarah.its great to see you back hun.glad you had a great holiday.
    your card is stunning,so much detail and the flowers are really beautiful.
    as for pricing i wouldn`t like to guess.i only charge £1.50 for mine so i`m no help at all am i :D

    xx coops xx

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Stunning card Sarah.
    Sue x

  1. Hi Sarah.
    Glad to see you back and that you had a good holiday
    I'm the same as coops i'm afraid it's always hard putting a price on soemthing you've spent time and effort on but i think for such a beautiful card like that which is boxed aswell £6 is a bargain! :)
    hugs amanda xx

  1. CraftyC said...:

    Gorgeous card Sarah, hope your little venture takes off. £5/6 sounds a fair price to me!

  1. Nikola said...:

    woooowwwee.....stares & trys not to blink..... Outstanding as always. I need to get some mirror card. Price wise as long as you cover the equipment you use & perhaps add 20% for time. It's had to price something so stunning. Keep up the great work & happy crafting.

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