Has anyone seen my mojo....??

Sunday, 13 September 2009
It seems to have deserted me this past week and no matter what I put in front of me, I don't seem to feel inspired. I want to make all these lovely gifts to possibly try and sell but I don't seem to be able to come up with anything as amazing as some fantastic crafters out there. A few of our fellow crafters never seem to stop amazing me with the ideas they come up with, but I don't think I will ever be able to come up with anything anywhere near as good. I feel like I lack imagination.

I've wanted to be on a DT but, for the reason last mentioned, I've never gone for anything as I just don't think I would ever be good enough.

Am I really cut out for this...?


  1. Awww Sarah don't feel like you're not good enough you most certainly are i love your card's!I think we all go through bouts of no mojo but we find it eventually lol
    keep up the fab work :)
    big hugs amanda x

  1. Ann-Marie said...:

    Please don't stop, I love to see what you've been creating. I love your style and may not always leave a comment but I always pop in most days to see what you've been up to. You should definately have a try for a dt place, I always go away feeling inspired and I think having the amount of follows that you do counts for a lot too! Take care Ann-Marie xxx

  1. Beth said...:

    Oh Sarah, I'm sorry you feel like this! My mojo comes and goes, I find the best thing is not to force it and it just comes back, I find myself going to sleep thinking of a card I can make and there it is!
    As for a DT, if it's something you feel will make you happy, then go for it! If it'll stress you out, then don't. Don't think you have to reach a 'standard', just please yourself and your natural passion for crafting will come out! Sorry if that sounds cheesy! Having said all that, I think your cards are fab!
    Take care!

    Beth xx

  1. Hi Sarah,
    What you have written is exactly how I feel. I am so daunted by other bloggers amazing work and often think of giving up.
    I love your work and enjoy visiting you blog to see your beautiful creations. I think you have imagination and your own definite, beautiful, style.
    You should try out for a DT, your cards might be just what they are looking for.
    Please don't give up!
    Hugs, Clare xx
    p.s. I have just noticed you have 142 followers, that's a lot of people who like your cards x

  1. Michelle said...:

    Hey hun, I love your cards and you know I always have. Mojo's come and go and it happens to all of us. When mine goes I either CASE which I have been doing quite a bit recently or try and buy some new stuff!! It doesn't always work but it will come back to you, don't force it. Like Clare says you have atleast 142 people that view your blog on a regular basis and I am sure there are loads of others that aren't actual 'followers' that shows something. About the DT, don't get me wrong they are great but they are not the be all and end all, you don't have to be on a DT to show that you are good. If you want to go for one then of course go for one, I think you will make an excellnt DT member for any team but don't worry yourself over it. Best wishes and hugs to you xxx

  1. debby4000 said...:

    I have no imagination thats why I love stamping and why I love sketches don't have to work out the layout.
    I love your cards otherwise I wouldn't follow you and I pretty sure I'm not the only one.
    When I lose my MOJO I find my old faves stamps and make a card that I've done before but loved how it worked out by the time I've made it, I want to play some more.
    Entering a DT call is like the lottery you can't win if you've not entered in the first place and I pretty sure you soon be snapped up.

  1. ~ Ali ~ said...:

    Sarah everyone feels like this at some time or other when crafting. I lose my Mojo all the time....I feel sometimes I have lost who I am as my style has been influenced so much by blogging. I am never really happy with some of the cards I make but I continue because I love crafting. Please don't give up your creations are beautifull. Hugs Ali (Albongo @ CCF)

  1. Nikola said...:

    Hay !!!! your works great, so please don't stop doing it. um i know what you mean with the mojoy stuff.. but you can get through it i know you can, so take care and happy crafting.

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