Thanks Nikola

Saturday, 1 August 2009
My very good friend Nikola and her mum came to my rescue last night. For the first time in two years, my asthma flared up and I ended up at the hospital on a nebuliser. I've not been on any medication for about 2 years now and thought it had gone away but turns out that was not to be.

I'd been suffering some breathlessness for about a week when walking a fair distance or up an incline but last night it didn't subside when I got home and it felt like my heart was racing. Because of the surgery my dad had last year, I was worrying it was more my heart than asthma but luckily the ECG and everything was clear. When you're having trouble with asthma, it can make you feel like your heart is racing when it isn't. After the nebuliser the doctor was happy that my peak flow had increased sufficiently to allow me home. The downside is that I'm now back on medication and having to make sure I take one of my inhalers before walking any distance.

I'm a bit tired today so don't feel up to doing much. Jon and I were hoping to go and watch Reading v Chelsea today (would've been interesting with Jon having to pretend to support Reading) but we've had to give that a miss. Instead I've subscribed to ChelseaTV so we can watch the game and Jon can cheer for Chelsea IF they score!

Hope everyone else is having a good weekend.

xx :0)


  1. Littlebear said...:

    So sorry to hear that Sarah - take it easy.
    Enjoy the footie match.
    Clare x

  1. Stacey said...:

    Oooh Sarah! Take it easy! I hope you are feeling a bit better now. Take care of yourself ~x~

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