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Thursday, 21 May 2009
Hello, I know I've not been around much just recently and I apologise for that. I do have some more cards to show, but I'm at my parents this evening so I'm grabbing a crafty few mins on my dads laptop! Hopefully I will be able to show them over the next few days.

I do have a request for some assistance and I'm hoping that you might be able to point me in the right direction. Nikola and I are braving a fair again, this time in July at a local primary school. As it's before the school breaks up I thought about doing some little thank you bits for the children to give to their teachers. I was just wondering if anyone knows where I might be able to get some images for teachers and also any suggestions as to what I could create.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

xx :0)


  1. Sarah-Jane said...:

    Hi, i don't really have any ideas for teachers off the top of my head, I will have a think about it for you! lol! I just saw your comment on Julies blog and thought I would just let you know if you go to Greeting Farms shop (google it) it's in Canada, but with the excahnge rate and even post from there it works out about the same price ! They also seem to have them more often than U.K. suppliers
    Hope this helps and you don't think me cheeky?!
    Hugs and good luck,
    Sarah-Jane xx

  1. juliejules said...:

    Hi Sarah

    I use the Bella teacher stamp, I could stamp you some. They do a male and a female one. Also you could play on the Apple for teacher theme, I did a card with this a couple of weeks ago on my blog! Good Luck, Jules

  1. Beth said...:

    Hi Sarah!
    I have this stamp if you would like me to stamp some images for you, although I don't have very 'Copic friendly' paper so you might want to send some bits of card and then I'll stamp them up for you - if you want them that is! Let me know! xx

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