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Wednesday, 21 January 2009
I have been busy since my last post and have made another card but I can't show it just yet as it might spoil the surprise for someone!!

I've been colouring in lots of images and practising with my copics. Thanks to everyone that I have emailed for question on using them properly. I have taken on board all your tips and tricks and think that I'm slowly getting there.

I don't know about you, but I've found that, even though I'll be using the same colours on matching images, the end result can still look different and I think that depends on the amount of pressure that I use when applying colour to the area. On one of my images, it looks like it's lighter in one area for the highlighting and my OH said "That looks really good, how did you do that?" My response was "I haven't a clue, I don't think I put enough colour there as it wasn't intentional!".

I do have another question for you all, but not about copics! This is for all of you who have a cuttlebug! I love my bug and use it loads but there's one thing that, if you'll excuse the pun, "bugs" me!! I was embossing a 13.5cm square piece of card using the fab Swiss Dots folder. The folder isn't big enough to do this all in one go. My question is this, how do you make it look like there hasn't been a break in the embossing? Whenever I have to do this, I always find that either the edge of the folder squashes a row of already embossed dots, or, in trying to avoid that scenario, I don't emboss the second section fully enough. Either way I end up with this small section that just looks wrong!! Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Anyway, I hope to have more cards to show you at the weekend. My best friend, Nikola, is coming round for a craft session, although we always seem to end up doing more talk than craft!!

Hope you're all having a fab evening.

xx :0)


  1. Zoe said...:

    Hi there, lucky you getting the lovely copics! I'd love a set after using the one I won in Michelle's blog candy earlier in the year! I have to talk my hubby round first! With regard to the embossing with Swiss dots, I do the same as you but where there is a row of squashed dots i just go over the back of them with an embossing stylus and it pushes them back through again!

  1. Beth said...:

    I'd love to know if there's a proper soloution to this, I do what Zoe says above and use an embossing tool! xx

  1. Anonymous said...:

    with regards to the cuttlebug question, I put the folder back over the squashed part and rub it on the wrong side with my paper folder. I found this somewhere on the web but can't remember where. There are lots of cuttlebug tutorials on you tube and also on provo crafts website.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Further to my previous post Sue who has a website called www.heartprints.net has some very useful tips in the cuttlebug section of her gallery. Hope this helps.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Hi Sarah, following your comment I thought I would let you know about a newish blog I have found.http://ikkiscuttlebugcupboard.blogspot.com/
    I too love my cuttlebug and hope this blog will help me to use it more.
    I love your blog and your cards are beautiful, I especially like the get well card with the elephant.

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