Friday 9 January 2015
As the title says, Wow! I can't believe that it has been a year since I looked at my blog. I don't know what has been happening 😕. 

What has happened in the last year? I passed my driving test 6 days before Christmas; that was huge for me. I'd originally started learning in 1997 & had my last test in 1999, vowing never to try again. Something inside of me last May decided to try again & I'm so chuffed that I did. 

My nephew is now 16 months old! Where does the time go?

Anyhoo, I'm having a declutter of crafty goodies in the hope of re-invigorating my craftiness. I have been crocheting the last year so not completely lazy. 

I'm currently sorting through goodies & have created a group on Facebook to sell them. If anyone is interested & would like to be added, the link is


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